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Prevention Program Coordinator (Contract Position) Posting: 10/25/2022
Location of Work: Philadelphia, PA Metropolitan Region
The Prevention Program Coordinator serves as a substance use prevention specialist for the Liberty MidAtlantic High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (LMA HIDTA) and supports the integration of evidencebased substance use prevention strategies into communities across the LMA HIDTA region. The
Prevention Program Coordinator will engage and collaborate with prevention organizations, fostering
community and regional systems that build protective factors, reduce the negative consequences of
substance use, and encourage healthy behaviors in children, families, and adults. This is a grant funded
position and is contingent upon continuation of funding appropriations from Congress and the Office of
National Drug Control Policy.
The HIDTA Program and LMA HIDTA
The HIDTA Program is a Federal grant program funded annually through the Office of National Drug
Control Policy since 1990. Spanning 33 regions nationwide, the HIDTA program strives to reduce drug
availability, use and their negative consequences by disrupting and dismantling drug trafficking and
money laundering organizations, facilitating information-sharing partnerships, and providing training &
resources for substance use prevention organizations. In its eleven-county region in Southeastern
Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Northern Delaware, LMA HIDTA accomplishes these goals via its
support to over 30 Investigative, Intelligence and Information-sharing, and Support Initiatives comprised
of participants from federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, the National Guard Counterdrug
Program, and public health entities with actionable insights on critical and emerging drug-related trends.
With the aim of fostering “Safe and Healthy Communities in the Delaware Valley”, LMA HIDTA sits at a
critical crossroad between public safety and public health partners and is positioned at the forefront of
the region’s response to the harms associated with controlled substance misuse, abuse and addiction.
Major Responsibilities of the Position
1. Understand substance use prevention priorities and needs across the region through review of
available state and local agency data and reporting, along with conducting an annual regional needs
assessment for the LMA HIDTA region.
2. Establish relationships with key stakeholders in the region to include governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations, educational and academic institutions, healthcare providers, Drug-Free
Communities coalitions, and community organizations with aligned prevention goals.
3. Facilitate regional communication pathways among substance use prevention, treatment, harmreduction, and criminal justice partners to facilitate information sharing and spur collaborative
4. Develop a regional HIDTA prevention strategy informed by best available evidence to support
identified priorities.
Liberty Mid-Atlantic HIDTA
7801 Essington Avenue, Suite A
Philadelphia, PA 19153
5. Work with Overdose Response Strategy (ORS) representatives and National Guard Counterdrug
representatives to support communities in all domains of the Strategic Prevention Framework
including assessment, capacity building, planning, implementation, and evaluation of evidencebased strategies for substance use prevention.
6. Participate in relevant task forces, coalitions, conferences, and HIDTA events in the region’s states,
counties and municipalities.
7. Produce and contribute prevention-related content to LMA HIDTA’s website and social media
8. Connect communities with substance use prevention resources and federal technical assistance
opportunities (HIDTA – ADAPT, SAMHSA – PTTC, etc.).
9. Coordinate and facilitate substance use prevention trainings to promote and advance substance use
prevention strategies through community and workforce development.
10. Organize, coordinate and/or assist in the development of activities and events to promote
awareness, sharing of best practices, and innovation in the field of substance use prevention.
11. Promote the use of the HIDTA Program’s Over Dose Mapping Application Program (ODMAP) by
public safety, public health, and substance abuse abatement agencies and organizations.
12. Evaluate the impact of LMA HIDTA-funded prevention initiatives.
13. Document outputs/outcomes of LMA HIDTA-funded prevention initiatives in HIDTA’s performance
management system in a timely manner.
14. Advise LMA HIDTA Executive Board, Executive Director, Deputy Director and staff on substance use
prevention priorities across the region, existing prevention efforts being employed, and other
promising strategies based on the best available evidence.
15. Provide oral and written reports of prevention activities and outcomes at LMA HIDTA Management
Team and Executive Board meetings as well as for LMA HIDTA’s Annual Report.
16. Execute LMA HIDTA’s Prevention Initiative budget, ensuring timely and allowable expenditure, and
requesting re-programming when necessary, while also exploiting opportunities for discretionary
funding as they arise.
17. Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Director and/or the Deputy Director to meet LMA
HIDTA’s substance use prevention needs.
Education & Experience:
• Bachelor’s Degree in education, counseling, social work, sociology, psychology, or other healthrelated field applicable to substance abuse prevention.
• At least 2-years of experience working in an educational, mental health or substance abuse
abatement related field.
• Master’s Degree in social work, sociology, psychology, public policy, social welfare, public
health, or related area of study applicable to substance abuse prevention.
• Certification as a Prevention Professional/Prevention Specialist.
• Administrative and supervisory experience working with community coalitions and/or social
service providers.
• Experience with program development.
Liberty Mid-Atlantic HIDTA
7801 Essington Avenue, Suite A
Philadelphia, PA 19153
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
• Current in knowledge of/demonstrated experience in substance use research and prevention
• Skilled in effectively collaborating with multiple stakeholders from governmental and nongovernmental organizations, serving diverse populations, and a variety of mission priorities.
• Excellent written and oral communication skills; ability to interact with persons at all levels of an
• Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office 365 and component applications, including Outlook,
Word, Teams, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher and Access.
• Able to effectively work in-office or remotely with a minimal amount of direct daily interaction
with LMA HIDTA leadership.
• Familiarity with Federal grant regulations and performance accountability requirements.
Terms of Engagement and Compensation
• One-year Professional Services Agreement through the County of Chester, Pennsylvania, with
opportunity to renew annually.
• Annual base compensation: $70,000. A fifteen percent (15%) supplement to base annual
compensation ($10,500) will be afforded in lieu of mandatory employer-paid withholding taxes,
for a total of $80,500 annually.
• No benefits are offered with this contractual position.
• Flexible working environment that respects work/life balance and allows for occasional
• Some overnight domestic travel and regional day-trips required; allowable travel expenses
reimbursed in accordance with Federal GSA travel allowances.
Application Information
• The LMA HIDTA Prevention Program Coordinator position is afforded through the County of
Chester, Pennsylvania and is therefore subject to its contracting requirements and policies.
• The position is offered subject to the continued funding by Congress of the HIDTA Program and
LMA HIDTA at or above current levels.
• Applicants must submit a resume (maximum of 5 pages), cover letter, three references, and
copies of relevant academic transcripts e-mailed in .pdf format to or in
hard copy via U.S. Mail to address listed on bottom of the page to be considered for the
• All applications must be received by no later than 11/15/2022.
• Initial interviews will be conducted virtually and scheduled with qualified applicants in the week
of 11/28/2022. Second interview(s) will proceed in early December in-person.
• Contract period is projected to commence in January 2023

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