Research and Analysis

The ISC is staffed with analysts from the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General (HIDTA-funded), the Pennsylvania National Guard Counterdrug Joint Task Force, and contract employees.  The ISC provides tactical and investigative intelligence in support of investigations conducted by LMA HIDTA enforcement initiatives and participating agencies within its area of responsibility as well as law enforcement counterparts nationwide.  An equally important role of the ISC is to monitor trends in drug trafficking, abuse, and related criminal activity and publish a variety of strategic intelligence products designed to assist federal, state, and local law enforcement managers and policymakers in their decisions to implement effective enforcement and demand reduction strategies that maximize their resources and achieve the greatest impact in the community. Analytical assessments of current and emerging trends are published in various strategic intelligence products, the most significant of which is the annual LMA HIDTA Threat Assessment, a comprehensive and multi-functional report used by the LMA HIDTA Executive Board and administrative management to develop its annual strategy and evaluate its past performance.

Watch Center

The LMA HIDTA ISC Watch Center is focused on one mission – to keep federal, state, and local law enforcement officers safe.  To that end, the Watch Center provides event deconfliction services – controlled and secure monitoring of operations in which law enforcement officers and investigators work in geographic proximity to each other at the same time, and immediate notification of affected parties when potential conflicts arise with other law enforcement actions or events – using the RISS Officer Safety Event Deconfliction System (RISSafe™).  The deconfliction of law enforcement operations by the Watch Center, essentially an “air traffic control” for law enforcement, prevents the disruption of investigative efforts and, more importantly, the unintentional injury or death of officers in the line of duty.

Watch Center operations are conducted by specially trained Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) officers located at the Delaware Valley Intelligence Center (DVIC).  At the DVIC, LMA HIDTA watch operations serve regional law enforcement’s needs and enhance officer safety more effectively, in that they are collocated with the PPD’s Real-Time Crime Center, as well as other key PPD, City of Philadelphia, and federal agency intelligence and homeland security components.

Strategic Partnerships

The Pennsylvania Counterdrug Joint Task Force is operated by the National Guard and provides Counterdrug support to federal, state, local law enforcement agencies, community based organizations, and educational and government organizations that request assistance at no-cost to the agency supported.

The Northeast Counterdrug Training Center provides training in prevention and counterdrug activities to law enforcement agencies and community-based organizations in the Northeastern United States working to reduce the availability of illicit drugs, improve public safety, and diminish drug use in our society.

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